PFELD: Our Process

voiceover,   PFELD: Our Process

voiceover, PFELD: Our Process


Spare time is tough to come by when you refuse to cut corners.

When you care about every choice, no matter how small.

When you worry over every line.

When we set out to start Pfeld, we knew one thing: only by working with people who cared as much as we did, could we create garments that customers would love as much as us.

From a concept rooted in Appalachian ideals of usefulness and durability.... to a world-class mill in Italy... to a factory built upon the textile tradition of the American south… we take care to be precise.

We sweat the small stuff because there is no small stuff.

Only details that make good things great, and the everyday exquisite. From the herringbone weave of a pocket. To the world’s most perfect rivet.

We pore over every single detail so you don’t have to. And because we know you probably will, anyway.

 Long before Pfeld, we discovered that simple isn’t cheap. Clean isn’t boring. Tough doesn’t have to mean hard.

And that’s the garment we sought to create. Classic but modern. Simple yet elegant. Tough and comfortable.

Garments we hope you love. Garments for life in motion.